Stress Reduction Techniques

Since stress is responsible for most illnesses, doctor visits, and (some claim) causes of death, stress reduction is crucial! Everyone has too much stress in their life, unless you are a Buddhist monk, which is highly unlikely.

So look over the following ways that you can implement stress reduction in your life.

The first and obvious answer is meditation. In case you've been living in a cave, (which, incidentally, is a good place to go to avoid stress!) I have written a whole page just about meditation

Getting regular massages is a great way to reduce stress. Most places give you a discount if you go more regularly. If you have a partner, take turns giving each other back rubs or even full body massages.

Soaking in a bubble bath is also up there on the list. Of course, many people are too busy with kids, their job, cleaning the house, making dinner, etc. but even once a week is better than never. Give your bath time some oomph by adding epsom salts which are detoxifying, or lavender essential oil which is relaxing. Listen to calming music or a guided meditation.

Laughter is an overlooked medicine, and it's totally free. Watching a funny movie can bring almost anyone out of a stress-induced funk.

Aromatherapy can be used while doing any of these suggestions. Getting an essential oil diffuser is like bringing the spa experience right into your home. There are hundreds of scents to choose from, depending on your mood and specific issue you are dealing with that day.

This next suggestion may not be possible for everyone, but I have found that the best stress beater is silence. If you live alone, this is easy peasy. It is extremely calming to just BE in silence.

This doesn't have to be a meditation, you can just sit in a comfortable spot, in silence, looking out the window. This can work outside if you live in a rural area where you can't hear traffic and have few or no neighbors.

Watching less TV, or the news specifically, works wonders for stress. The news is mostly bad anyway, and who needs that kind of negativity in their life? Surely not someone who is trying to live a holistic lifestyle!

Don't worry, you will still know what's going on in the world (if you have Facebook, there is no escaping that!), friends and family will talk about things, so you have nothing to lose by turning off the TV except your stress. This can also go for TV shows, not that anything is wrong with having your weekly shows to keep up with, but try to keep those activities to a minimum.

If you are an introvert, you can get stressed out a lot easier than extroverts. Be sure to give yourself enough alone time each day (or most days of the week, if need be).

Reduce Toxic Relationships In Your Life

Relationships, unfortunately, are a huge cause of stress in our lives. Many people settle in relationships that are not good for them, or don't know how to deal with toxic people in their lives. 

We must learn personal boundaries, and to put our well-being first. It is not selfish to take care of your mental and emotional health, it is not selfish to reduce stressful relationships in any way that you need to. As they say, you can't pour from an empty cup. You can't give with no one giving to you in return. 

If someone is causing you more pain than pleasure, more sadness than happiness, more anger than joy, re-evaluate this relationship. You can cut back on the time you spend with toxic people without cutting them out of your life. 

Stress Reduction at Work

Finding a job that you enjoy is probably one of the biggest components to mental health. Besides sleep, you spend more time working than you do on any other single activity. Many people even spend more time at their job than they do sleeping!

If your job makes you miserable, your emotional health is sure to suffer. If you are just in a job for the money, just imagine how it would feel to have a job that you are excited to go to every day!

Most people never think twice about this. They get a job out of necessity. Imagine having a job that you choose, or better yet, create!

If the problem is a co-worker, see if you can move to another department or office away from that person. If you are able to, use some calming essential oils while you are working. 

Stress reduction is possible at work, but in the end you have to decide if the job is worth it. I have had some pretty stressful jobs and left every single one of them. I know not everyone can do this, but life is short and you have to ask yourself if you have looked hard enough for a job that is right for you. 

Think outside the box to create a dream career for yourself in an area you are passionate about.

Starting your own business is always an option, even if you don't think you have what it takes. There are lots of ways to earn money online so you can work from home.

Or maybe your current job will let you work from home a few days a week, or every day. This is a more common occurence these days due to much of our work needing to be done on a computer. 

Think outside the box. Create your dream career yourself if you have to! Start a side job in an area you are passionate about. Take a life purpose course if you don't know what your passion is, and find a job in that field, or create it!

Finding Balance In Life

Balance is very important when it comes to stress reduction. We have to find a happy medium of work and play. The more play the better! Don't feel guilty for playing.

Find the time to nuture relationships, nourish your body, sleep, travel, and enjoy your hobbies. If any one thing begins to take over your life, bring it back into balance. Set up a daily routine so you make sure you get enough sleep, meal times, family time, self care time, and time for your hobbies.

The reason why people feel burnt out is because something is getting out of hand, most likely the demands of your job or the time you are required to spend there. Don't let any one aspect of your life go out of balance or you will feel uneasy, stressed out, and it will affect your life before you are aware of it.

You are probably familiar with the yin yang symbol. In Chinese philosophy, this is a symbol of complimentary opposites. These opposites also have a small aspect of the other within it. If the balance gets tipped, dis-ease will result. Nature is always in balance, and we must strive to achieve harmony and balance in all aspects of our lives to prevent stress and illness.

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