Physical Health is the Foundation

Your well being should be a priority in your life, yet so many of us place our health too low on our priority list. Health seems to be something that's largely taken for granted. We feel invincible until it fails us. This is clearly the wrong attitude.

If you take preventative action, you'll not only feel better, but your body will thank you by adding years onto your life! Years not in a nursing home, but leading an active life.

I can't stress enough how important physical health is to being holistically healthy. It is the foundation of everything else. You wouldn't build a house without making sure the cement was laid correctly.

The same applies to your body. This may seem like common sense to some of you, but it is so important to get right. 

Some of you may be familiar with Maslow's hierarchy of needs. If you are not, here is a diagram to help you visualize which levels of human development must come before other levels can be reached.

As you can see when looking at the bottom level, all humans need food, water, shelter, air and warmth in order to survive. Physical health falls within this first category.

Physical health and mental health are no doubt intricately tied, so one could argue that you should get your mind right before getting your body right. For the sake of simplicity and keeping your journey smoother, we'll start with physical health.

Factors of Physical Health

Physical health of the body is achieved when all four of these factors are optimal;

  • healthy diet/proper nutrition
  • daily habits (exercise, sleep, etc.)
  • healing naturally
  • environment

While there are hundreds of diets out there, you could give yourself a mind boggling headache researching all of them! I have been there...and what I have learned from all my years of trying to figure out the best lifestyle for optimum health is simply this; the more in harmony with nature your lifestyle is, the healthier you will be.

A Nature Based Lifestyle

The answer to most health problems lies in a natural, simple lifestyle.

Forget fad diets, forget straining yourself at the gym 7 days a week, forget a cupboard full of artificial supplements! Humans are simple creatures who came from nature. The answer to most health problems lies in a natural, simple lifestyle.

Humans would really do well to follow our Earthly counterparts' lead...animals! In the wild, animals don't die of cancer or get diabetes.

When humans domesticated animals as our pets and gave them man-made feed-grade pellets, we unwittingly brought them along for the ride on the disease train. That is further proof that humans should wake up and learn what is really in our food, and subsequently make healthier choices.

Now we'll get down to the nitty gritty, the nuts and bolts of optimal physical health!  Click here to proceed to the next page about healthy eating.