How Mental and Emotional Health
Affect the Body

It's fair to say that your mental and emotional health is just as important as your physical health. The body-mind connection is real. When one is down, the other is likely to follow.

Most people are aware of the mind-body connection and how important it is to be mentally and emotionally healthy. But there is so much more to having a healthy mind that most people either don't know about or they pass it off as unimportant or irrelevant to their health. Many aspects of the mind play a crucial role in holistic health.

I like to think of the mind as having three branches;

  • Mental & Emotional Health
  • Consciousness
  • Mind Expansion

Of course mental and emotional health are the most influencing aspects of your mind. Everyone knows that stress affects us mentally and emotionally and eventually, physically. And since most people have stress in their lives, this is an epidemic begging for attention.

Stress is the reason behind most doctor visits AND is partially to blame for the six leading causes of death.

So taking control of your mind and emotions is crucial. It sounds easier said than done, but once you learn the ways you can improve this aspect of your life, you will become motivated to make it happen.

Your Mind Connects Your Body and Soul

The mind is the part of us that connects our body to our soul. You can think of it as a middle man. This is why expanding our mind and consciousness are necessary for true holistic health.

Consciousness is pure awareness, which makes us become more mindful. To be "awake" is to be aware of yourself, to be aware of your behaviors, your thought patterns, your choices in life that shape who you are and how your life unfolds. 

Diving into the subconscious mind can also be very powerful, therapeutic and life changing. Putting yourself into altered states gives us a respite from the outer world, and can get us in touch with our true selves. 

Expanding our mind and consciousness are necessary for true holistic health.

This is why having a healthy mind is so crucial for us to reach optimum holistic health, so we can develop our soul, our spirit. Most people never reach this level of consciousness.

If you remember the diagram of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs that I shared on the page about physical health, you will now see why taking care of the body and mind comes before taking care of your soul. Getting in touch with your soul is the ultimate destination of personal development and self actualization.

Mind Expansion's Role in Mental and Emotional Health

Expanding your mind is like stepping out of your comfort zone in a sense. It is about admitting you don't know everything, and finding the motivation to learn.

Growth of the mind is the only way we can become well rounded. We should never stop learning and growing and evolving.

Thinking outside of the box is necessary. Creativity, growth and wisdom are the result of an expanded mind.

Just the fact that you are here on this site is a sign that you have at least an open mind, which is a good prerequisite to living a holistic lifestyle!

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