Why Connecting to the Universe
is Important

Connecting to the Universe is necessary for spiritual health. Our soul is crying out to be connected to where it came from. This makes up half of what we are…we are humans, and we are also spiritual beings, fragments of the one consciousness of the Universe.

Just like we have disconnected from nature, we have also disconnected from the Universe. This is what causes all of us to feel alone, lost, confused, scared, angry, depressed, separated, just about any negative feeling you can think of.

We are not alone, we are not separated from anything, but this disconnect creates the illusion that we are.

As above, so below. As within, so without. Everything that exists in the Universe exists in us and vice versa. We’re all part of a big hydrogen, helium & oxygen soup! We cannot escape this connection, but we barely even recognize it is there. When we become disconnected from life, we become depressed.

As above, so below. As within, so without.

Most people have at some point in their lives become depressed. Have you ever felt that you weren’t good enough or that no one could love you and you are utterly alone so there’s no hope in going on?

Have you ever known someone who has felt this way? You might feel like nothing anyone can say would make you feel better. You might not know what to say to a person who is feeling this way. 

Surely the depressed person has ran through every thought like “What is the purpose of my life?” or “Why am I even alive?” Usually, a person doesn’t know the answers to those questions and therefore assumes if there is no clear answer, the Universe must not really need them. If they feel there is no purpose, they feel the Universe has given up on them. But it hasn’t.

Who is on your side from the moment you are born til the moment you die? The answer is not your parents. If you are depressed, you might feel like you yourself aren’t good enough to have on your side, you want a higher power or even just an equal power that has your back and wants you to stick around.

Parents are usually gone by the time we reach the end of our life, and sometimes even if they are alive, we could have an estranged relationship with them. No matter what happens in life, who has your back?

The answer is our cells. At the most microscopic level of your body, your cells’ main job is to cooperate with the other cells and keep some part of you alive.

Your heart cells have one job; keep your heart beating and healthy. Same with every part of your body.

Now, in nature, you wouldn’t expect one of those cells in one part of your body to just stop, right? It would go against nature for it to decide it’s job is too hard and it isn’t happy and it wants to abandon the project.They fight to the death for your body to stay alive. They’ve got your back as long as they are able.

What a miracle it is that all the billions of cells in your body are in it for life. Next time you feel alone like nobody cares if you live or die, remember…your cells do. They’re working around the clock to keep you alive.

This is why it is so important to feed your cells the right food. There are only two causes of disease, deficiency and toxicity. If your cells aren't getting the right nutrients, deficiency results in cell malfunction. If toxicity gets to the cell, it also results in cell malfunction.

We MUST keep the right nourishment going in and we must keep the toxins out as much as possible. And we must nourish the soul as well as the body, for us to really feel like we are connecting to the Universe.

As Above, So Below

The theme “as above so below” is a recurring one in our Universe. From the far reaches of the universe to the microscopic cells that make up every living thing on Earth, everything is a near exact replica of everything else. It’s like a fractal, the further in you go, you see it’s just a smaller version of what you just went through.

It’s also like a hologram, cut part of it out and in that image you see a miniature exact replica of the bigger image. You may have heard the words 'microcosm' and 'macrocosm', which mean 'oneself' and 'the universe'. Connecting to the Universe is essentially being aware that these are one in the same, like a drop of water in the ocean.

If you were floating around out in space and you looked down onto Earth, what does it appear to be? Most people would think it’s just a hard marble type sphere, you can’t see life on it, so it’s probably just a bunch of gasses and clouds.

But then you get closer and start to see more details, pretty soon you see movement, and discover there ARE living things on this planet! Then you think ok so THAT is what lives on this planet, people and animals.

But when you look closer at the people and animals, you would see all the cells & micro-organisms that make up the people and animals!

Think of it from your cells’ perspective. The cells of your body work together as a whole, they form communities to basically keep each part of your body functioning.

All they know is ‘we have to keep her heart beating’ or ‘we have to keep his liver filtering out impurities’, all this is happening at such a microscopic level comparable to what all living things are doing to the Earth.

You can’t see us from space, just like you can’t see our cells with the naked eye. And look how important your cells’ ability to work together is necessary for the health and survival of their host, your body. Does this make you a little more conscious of our relationship with the Earth?

Connecting to the Universe

Meditation is probably the best way to feel your connection to the Universe. It is because meditation moves your awareness away from your body, and allows space for your soul or higher self to speak to you. They say praying is how you talk to God, and meditating is how you listen.

I use the word "God" loosely, it can mean whatever you feel that is in your perspective. Empty space is necessary, disconnecting from every day life is necessary, in order to tune in to the Universe and what your soul is telling you.

Meditation is probably the best way to feel your connection to the Universe.

Related to meditation, writing is another good method of strengthening your connection to the Universe. Write about things you are thankful and grateful for.

The more you get your thoughts out of your head, the more space you have to be receptive to messages from the Universe. And the more you are grateful for, the more things you will find that you are grateful for. 

Whatever you focus on will grow, so it is important to focus on the thoughts you want to manifest. This is the Law of Attraction. It isn't complicated like many people make it out to be. It's really a mind thing. Your thoughts become your reality, once you see the opportunities that arise and take action on them. Let the Universe work it's magic and you will feel a connection like never before!

Where is the Universe?

People tend to look up to the skies when talking about the Universe. It is humbling to look to the sky especially at night, so we can get a feel for how small humans really are, and how much is out there. This is why nighttime sky gazing is such a common activity for humans.

However, the Universe is everywhere. So while sky gazing is a good place to start, we won't figure out the meaning of life just by looking at the stars. There is a reason why ancient knowledge always tells us to look within. 

Practicing all the suggestions I have shared over the course of this site will help you to evolve physically, mentally and spiritually. If you turn these suggestions into a lifestyle and live a holistic life, you will reach this state of feeling your connection to the Universe.