Living a Holistic Lifestyle

What is a holistic lifestyle and what's in it for you?

Let's start with the word "holistic", which means whole. When it comes to health, every aspect of ourselves needs attention in order to reach optimal health. The whole person includes the body, mind and soul.

If your body is failing, your mind and soul will suffer as well. And likewise, your mind is powerful enough to affect your body. So making sure your mental health is up to par is equally important.

And once you are physically and mentally healthy, you are better equipped to evolve spiritually. This is why it is so important that all three areas are healthy and in balance.

The body. Physical health could be considered the most fundamental building block of holistic health. Eating whole foods, preferably organic, is the cornerstone to optimal health. Daily movement and exercise, sunlight, and sleep are also key to keeping the body in prime shape. And of course, it is wise to find natural remedies and healing modalities before resorting to pharmaceutical drugs and surgery. The body is a natural thing, we should strive to keep it that way.

The mind. Emotional and mental health is just as important as physical health. Negative thoughts, stress and trauma have horrible affects on the body that often can't be seen until it is too late. It is also important to expand your mind and consciousness, or awareness. We live in a great big world, don't limit your world to your living room and whatever the TV is shoving in your face. Become a well rounded person by traveling, exercising your brain, and soaking up as much knowledge as you can.

The soul. Many people disregard this or simply don't care. But it is pretty essential if you are trying to achieve a holistically optimized life. Most people are not in touch with their soul. Most people simply exist, they don't thrive! Personal development and self reflection are essential for finding your life purpose. Exploring spirituality (which may or may not include a religion) also greatly enhances your health.

Truly living holistically is a lifestyle. It means more than just eating fruits and vegetables, more than just reading a book here and there about spiritual things. It's about aligning yourself with nature and the universe, and committing to evolve your body, mind and soul to a state of wholeness we were meant to enjoy. 

It's quite possible you have already tried to make changes in your life with no success. You have probably encountered obstacles that made you feel like giving up. Living a truly holistic lifestyle takes some work. But it certainly helps when you have an idea of the direction to take and have the information you need to motivate you.

The Difference Between
an Interest and a Lifestyle

“We are what we repeatedly do.”

I see conflicting citations on who really said this, but nevertheless, it sums up why we must make our health more than a passing interest, more than a must become a lifestyle.

It all comes down to routine and rituals. Don't worry, routine doesn't have to mean boring! The self care routines that make up a holistic lifestyle bring calm and inner peace that cannot be experienced by doing them sporadically. Just like meditation and yoga, the benefits take a few weeks to really kick in. But once they do, you will WANT them to be routine!

A Holistic Lifestyle is Nature Based

What is the best way to achieve holistic health? You guessed live in harmony with nature. We must play by nature's rules if we are to thrive. Nature knows what it's doing, and I trust something that has been in business since the beginning of time!

While a typical office visit often consists of finding a drug to match a disease, alternative medicine addresses the underlying causes in order to maximize overall well-being.

In essence, alternative medicine aims to heal you naturally, from the inside out, while modern medicine acts as a band aid, hoping that masking the symptoms on the outside will magically fix the original problem on the inside. It does not work that way.

And I don't think I need to remind you of all the horrible side effects in pharmaceutical drugs, most of them are worse than the symptom they are treating! Then you need to go back to the doctor to get another pill for those side effects! It's madness. And a holistic lifestyle can put a stop to that.

Humans are made of the same elements that make up animals, trees, flowers, and rocks. To me, it makes more sense to drink herbal tea for an ailment than to run to the doctor to get prescribed pills for the rest of your life. If you are with me on this, then you are definitely in the right place!

Is a Holistic Lifestyle For You?

If you've made it this far on the page, you have at least a passing interest in holistic health. It is ok if you don't understand fully what it means. It is ok if you only want to learn the basics and go on your way. I don't judge your level of commitment. I only want the opportunity to change your life for the better.

This site is for you if;

  • You are curious what holistic health is
  • You want to expand your knowledge about holistic health and decide what aspects to integrate into your life
  • You love learning about holistic health already but just need more guidance to turn it into a lifestyle. You want to live it, not just read about it! 

Wherever you are on the spectrum is just where you need to be. Kudos to you for even being interested in holistic health! This site will lay it all out for you in simple terms so you can be a beginner and follow along easily.

And if you are serious about turning this into a lifestyle, I will guide you along the way! I will share all the information I can on holistic health, so that those who are struggling can get some direction and transform their lives into something magical!

Join me on my journey to living a holistic lifestyle, where my main goal is to help you grow and evolve your body, mind and soul into the best version they can be! And with nature on our side, it's practically guaranteed we will succeed!

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